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Large Projects No project is too large for us to tackle. Small Restoration Jobs Any size any degree of disrepair. We can cast of fabricate anything made of metal.    Repatina Just the finish , nothign else.  We use gentle cleaning methods in accordance with Smithsonian Museum guidelines. Maintenance  It has to be done!!!  Call us today.  
Before cleaning and re- patination.  Thsi bust of Francis Vigo was badly corroded and dirty.  Dry ice blasting cleaned the corrosion and dirt and made the surface ready for chemical patina to return it to the original state.
Bust following cleanign and patination.
Bronze Restorations White River Foundry can restore any size bronze or other meetal sculpture. White River Foundry is skilled in the restoration and maintenance of bronze and stone sculpture. We have done numerous restorations in all types of metal and stone. If you have a sculpture or other item in need of repair or refinishing, contact us for an estimate and advice. References are available upon request. Our work is museum quality. Outdoor bronzes need maintenance to retain their beauty and integrity. Acid rain is especially bad on older leaded type bronzes. We offer complete onsite maintenance of bronze articles, from complete refinishing to scheduled cleaning and sealing. Bronzes should be scheduled for a yearly seal at a minimum, especially in urban settings. We will be happy to discuss your needs and supply information for maintenance schedules. Pictured here is a 10’ tall bronze that has just been brought down from a 130’ column.  
                                  Metal and Stone Restoration Services
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