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Foundry and Casting Services
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 Casting bronzes, aluminum, silver, gold and pewter by the ceramic shell process.  We use Ransom and Randolf's fast drying, extra strong "Delux-coat". Jewelry Casting using centrifugal caster or large silver castings by gravity. Complete metal chasing, finishing and patina work.  We take pride in our skills in this all important area.  Our patina's are second to none. Also casting plastic resins, rigid urethanes, cold cast bronze and stone, plasters and hydrocals, and Forton MG (TM) Click Here to read “How to Choose a Foundry”   I wrote this to help people make informed choises when looking for a foundry partner.  
Custom armatures and planning.  Please call before you start a sculpture, I can give you tips that will save you money in moldmaking. Mold making. Flexible molds of silicone or urethane. Any size.  One offs and production molds. Wax casting and chasing.  Turn key service for large projects. Let me take the headaches while you create. I've had 30 years of project management experience.
 Basing services. Wood, metal or stone. Partial work welcome.  Minimum work schedule-gating, pouring, gating removal.   Save big money by doing your own waxes and chasing. Pick-up and delivery, if possible, as well as on-site work. Complete crating and shipping services, both on-shore and abroad. All the free advice you can stand.
The White River Foundry was established in 1988 to address the need of a fine art foundry located in the Mid-West. The foundry is operated by a sculptor/engineer sensitive to the vision of artists while maintaining the technical skills necessary for the production of high quality castings and superior finishing.   We offer the following services.
Click Here to read “Bronze Patina Basics.  I wrote this to give a basic picture of what patina application entails.
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