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”Life Evolving”  by Biagio Azzerelli.   A 40’ tall fabricated sculpture, located in Indianapolis, IN.  It was fabricated by White River Foundry and Kennedy Tank in 2012.  It is stainless steel and bronze.  White River Foundry was the principal contractor.               The green machine in the center is the gas forge. The hearth is 6'x 32". Next to it is the Peter Wright 163# anvil, circa 1880 or so.  Also visible is the workbench with post vise and the hammers, tongs and other equipment needed by the smith.  We also have a universal metal worker for making complex bends.           The photo is a cross completed in 1998.  It is about 11' tall and has over 90 separate forged pieces.  It is my interpretation of a 16th century French cross that sat atop small rural churches. This was a commission work for John Mellencamp's new estate.  A larger picture can be found in the gallery section.            
We are more than just a foundry, we are also capable of small to large fabrication jobs including in a variety of materials including bronze, steel , stainless steel, stone and wood.  We also have a forging shop for making forged items in steel, stainless steel and bronze.   
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