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Commissions and Project Management
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Project Management I have over 30 years of project management experience in both the arts and engineering.  Our two most recent projects were a $1.2 million dollar casting and fabrication project completed in 2011 and a $350,000 fabrication project completed in 2012.  Both were on time and on budget.  We strive to provide the highest quality and best prices by using both on-shore and off-shore sources.  Let us bid on your next monumental work.  You will like the prices and service.   Pictured “Life Evolving” By Biagio Azzerelli.  A 40’ tall bronze and stainless steel sculpture located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  To see videos of this project click HERE. Commissions Commissioned sculpture is one of our main businesses.  We can make any size or design from realistic statues for memorials to large abstract work.  All work is done in house from design to installation.  Click HERE to see the 3-D design. Pictured “Land of the Indian” located in Frieburg, Germany on a private estate.  Bronze, glass and stone. Design and Engineering Services All design work is done on state of the art 3-D design software.  What you see is truely what you get.  Structural engineering services available for large scale sculpture. Pictured “Huntsman Table” design rendered in Modo design software.  The final product is in bronze.
Commissions Commissions