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“A work of art should be startling every time one sees it. Such a work begins a dialogue between the viewer and the art, and the more meaning that is implanted in the art, the deeper that dialogue can be. The value of any work of art is its inherent energy, its ability to act as a catalyst of responses in the viewer. Likewise, the most successful viewer is not one with the best education or the finest taste, but one who can respond to the work with the greatest sensitivity. I believe every artist has a responsibility to society: to absorb, distill and interpret, through the artist's personalized filter, realities that would otherwise be invisible. I take that responsibility seriously, and that means I sometimes create images that are shocking  or in some way unpleasant. One essential element of my sculpture is mystery, which I find slightly unsettling both to viewers and to myself. The images that occur to me are imbued with mystery. My work revolves around the human condition, which is indeed mysterious.” Mark Parmenter
This responsibility carries on when we are making sculpture for YOU.  We take pride in our craftsmanship. Our goal is to make sure your objectives are met and your expectations are exceeded.  Give us a try. 
I am a sculptor and an engineer.  My first love is sculpture and I started the White River Foundry in 1988 to cast my own work in bronze as well as the work of other sculptors.  My goal at the time and a continuing goal is to provide the best castings and finishing possible.  This site is about my foundry and about my sculpture.
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